Home South Africa News #Kuku trends as SA woman’s clean package gets Mzansi talking.

#Kuku trends as SA woman’s clean package gets Mzansi talking.


#Kuku trends as SA woman’s clean package gets Mzansi talking. South Africans are funny out of all the things that could trend they have decided to make the #Kuku their choice for Friday morning after images of a lady’s part went viral.

Strange things are happening these days amonths ago a video of a women with a frog coming out of her kuku went viral and people were left in shock over the issue. The women had spread her legs exposing her kuku and then a frog was seen coming out of it.

It seems women are now freely exposing their kuku’s as  a photo this time not a video has left many declaring it a Woolies thing, meaning Woolworths, which is known for selling clean and fresh products.

Here are some comments;