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Lasizwe finally addresses his beef with media personality Somizi


Lasizwe finally addresses his beef with media personality Somizi. I think most people can agree that Lasizwe Dambuza’s youtube content never disappoint he truly knows how to entertain people. His latest show on his youtube channel called drink or tell the truth with Lasizwe is no exception. The show is just hilarious and its giving us the chance to learn about some secrets by celebrities that we didnt even know of.

Last week he had the controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu as a guest and she told us some juicy tea that she had a one night stand with Black motion’s Thabo Smol. In this weeks episode he had Nadia Nakai as his guest and he shared some juicy details about his personal life. Lasizwe shared about the actor he hooks up wth and why they are not in a relationship. He went on to address the beef that he has with Somizi.

During the episode of drink or tell the truth Nadia asked Lasizwe this “You have been with the soccer player, a politician, and someone in the entertainment industry, name one person?”. This is when Lasizwe opened up about the actor he has been with.

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“I have been with, well not been but…He is on The Legacy, his name is Caddy Tsotetsi he plays Sanele,” Lasizwe said.
Nadia went on to ask  him why are they not in a relationship. “Things are very tricky with him and I. We tryna meet halfway but it doesn’t work. I think he wants me to be his trophy…I don’t want to sit there and wait for my partner to do sh*t for me,” Lasizwe responded.

Lasizwe went on to address his beef with Somizi he didnt dwell much on the topic but this is what he had to say “Let’s not even lie, he is undoubtedly talented but as a person, vibes him and I no…I just believe that you can’t be in the same circle with someone who is doing the same thing as you, but individually no, give me zero for him.” Somizi has been going through a lot lately both in his love life and career as well.