Home South Africa News lf your application for COVID-19 R350 grant is rejected do this

lf your application for COVID-19 R350 grant is rejected do this


lf your application for COVID-19 R350 grant is rejected do this.People have been reporting that SASSA has denied them the R350 Covid-19 grsnt despite being eligible for it for the past week. An official agency statement released on Thursday, June 18th, explained that these applications were denied because they did not match the criteria used to distribute the cash. Here are the standards we’re using:


older than 18;


Idle and receiving no money;

Having no government assistance;

no unemployment benefits being received, and no eligibility for unemployment benefits;

no longer be eligible for a grant from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme; and

no longer living in a facility that receives financial support from the government.

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If you’re over the age of 18 and unemployed with no income, or if you’re not getting any form of government assistance (including UIF and NSFAS), then you may be eligible for the Covi-19 award. People who are already on the UIF database or who meet the requirements to receive it make up the vast majority of applications that are turned down. In this scenario the applicants are recommended to contact the Department of Employment and Labour to either apply for UIF or follow up with their applications.



In order to ensure that only legitimate people receive these grants, SASSA checks each application by cross-referencing its data against other public and private databases. Totsie Memela, the CEO of SASSA stated the department realizes that this has produced a stir among applicants and hence it is necessary for beneficiaries to grasp the criteria because this grant is not necessarily for everyone. A special email account and phone number have been set up to handle concerns, and Memela added, “We are doing all in our ability to rectify the situation.”


If you’ve been wronged and want to file a complaint, you can do so by calling 0800 60 10 11 or sending an email to srd@sassa.gov.za (click sends email). As such, we want to ensure that the appropriate award recipients receive their funds. There have been 3.2 million accepted applications, and 1.2 million payments have been made. As of right now, SASSA has not completed their verification check and payments are still being processed.



Although applications are handled daily, delays might occur due to unnecessary verification processes conducted by SASSA with other organizations that are dependencies in the value chain. President Cyril Ramaphosa last month proposed R500 billion in economic and social relief measures, including a grant for COVID-19.