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Liesl Laurie has had enough of man harassing woman


Liesl Laurie has had enough of man harassing woman. Radio presenter and former Miss SA has come out to share how women are no longer feel safe as they are constantly harassed by men. She made these remarks after she said she herself was harassed by men she doesn’t even know a couple of times this week.

Liesl went on Twitter to share her sentiments and she shared a picture of herself wearing a t shirt which had these words “I hope I don’t get killed for being a woman in SA today, Liesl took to Twitter to share her experiences.

“After being harassed in a parking lot for the third time this week. And today a man told me to f**k off for not wanting to entertain his advances towards me! I am tired!” she said.


The radio presenter Liesl Laurie has pleaded with the goverment to try everything they can to keep women and children safe in the country as they are oftenly taken advantage of by men.

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She went on to see that she is not the only woman who feels unsafe in SA to the extent that some women don’t even feel safe to go for a jog in their own park. She even shared that she was recently insulted by a men all because she turned down his advances

“A man recently asked me: ‘Why don’t you ever take a run in the nature reserve right next to your house?’ I replied: ‘Because I don’t want to be raped and killed.’ That response came about without me even thinking because that’s the reality we, as women, live in South Africa.”