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Makhadzi allegedly stole her new hit Song ‘Tshintsha Magiya’


Makhadzi allegedly stole her new hit  Song ‘Tshintsha Magiya’.South Africans have come to Makhadzi’s defence after she was accused of stealing the song Tshintsha Magiya from a Malawian artist.

Malawian musician Scrafoc who has a song titled Magear has attracted the wrath of South Africans after he claimed that Makhadzi stole his song.Snippets of both songs were shared on Twitter but people could not see the resemblance. Makhadzi’s fans did not take the accusation lightly as they defended her.

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Tweeps argued that Scrafoc copied Makhadzi not the other way round. They claim that the song Tshintsha Magiya(Magear) has always been sung in South Africa, hence there is no way Makhadzi could have stolen it since it is already a part of Mzansi.

Makhadzi’s legion of fans claim that Scrafoc was accusing Makhadzi of stealing just to promote his music and gain relevance.

Here are some of the reactions;

Chancha magear is an old South African chant, there was even a dance. If there’s anyone that stole anything here it’s those ones from Bhushiri land.

If you remember Brown dash and Mzekezeke’s akekh’ugogo you’ll probably know that “shintsh’ama gear” part was there. Bona they stole it from us if Makhadzi stole it she was only taking back what’s belongs home.

Uyanya lo Scruff what what…we have been saying that way before he even heard that term. So it means naye he stole it from “Busta 929 – paradise” …heh bare shin’tsha magear”…an that was dance we used to do an they even stole it on the video. Sies
In turn, netizens went on to accuse Scarfo of stealing the South African amapiano beat, amapiano dance moves and sound as they argued that it is from South Africa.