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Masilela breaks the silence on his reported resignation


Masilela breaks the silence on his reported resignation.South African soccer fraternity was left in great shock on Tuesday evening when Dan Dance Malisela who has joined Royal AM reportedly resigned from his position with immediate effects, this came after he was heavily linked to a return to Marumo Gallants who have no coach after their coach also resigned a few days ago, it was also reported that Gallants are literally head hunting the former Chippa United coach prior his resignation.

Malisela has finally broken the silence on his real reasons behind the resignation, he revealed that he will be meeting the team’s president to discuss his exit and said that it has nothing to do with the media.


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He insisted that tit is just about his family and he has a couple of things he needs to deal with, he also mentioned that people just rushed to the media after they saw him leaving and they had no information on why he was leaving, he added that he will be back in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday since the team is playing and he should be there.


“I’m meeting the President [Mkhize] tomorrow so that we can talk, there’s nothing that is untoward here. It’s nothing for the media, it’s about my family, there are things I need to sort out, people saw me leaving and probably rushed to the media. I just came home to sort out some issues. I will meet with the President tomorrow because there are issues that have been troubling me at home. I have a flight [back to KZN] that is booked for Friday. There’s a match on Friday and I need to be there,” he said.


News broke on Tuesday suggesting that the 57 year old could be heading back to Marumo Gallant to help them fight off relegation since they see to be struggling since he left, he had done well for them.