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Master KG has bought a brand new car


Master KG has bought a brand new car. While others are complaining about how the lockdown has greatly affected them financially.

Some are actually even struggling to put food on the table but l doubt if Master KG is feeling the same heat others are feeling.

It looks like his hit song Jerusalem is opening many doors for him. He recently went on Instagram to share that he has bought a new BMW 3 series. He shared a picture of himself standing in front of the beautiful blue car. Many of his followers and other artists have congratulated him on his latest achievement.

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Just a few days back he was celebrating that his hit song Jerusalem had managed to get over 100 million views on YouTube. He thanked his fans who made it possible for him to achieve the 100 million views. He went on social media and wrote “Dreams Are Valid Don’t Sleep On Your Self” We Did It @nomcebozikode Thank You World.”

The song has broken international borders and they are many dance challenges to the song all over the world.

The singer recently announced his break from his long time girlfriend Makhadzi . He said they have both agreed to go separate ways to concetrate more on their careers. Well the break up isn’t stopping him from winning.

He also released a single with a Zimbabwen musician called Nox Guni called My Melody. It is doing pretty well and it has the best visuals. It seems as if Master KG now has the Medusa’s touch everything he touches turns to gold.