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Moana’s burial plauged by more drama as her parents fight over who should bury her.



Moana’s burial plauged by more drama as her parents over who should bury her.

It seems it never rains but pours as more drama unfolds over Moana’s burial. Moana the video vixen and fitness trainer ‘Mimi’ Moana died early Sunday morning the previous week. She was part of the people who died in the honorific car crash involving the flamboyant businessman Ginimbi.

The accident that claimed Moana’s life occurred as they where on their way to the businessman house it is said Ginimbi had over taken two cars and was trying to go back to his lane when he collided with a Honda Fit the R5million Rolls Royce then hit a tree.

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Ginimbi was pulled out of the car but Moana and the two others were burnt to death as the car exploded before they could be pulled out.

Ever since then their deaths have been rigged with drama and controversy and this time Moana’s burial arrangement have been stalled by in house fighting within the family. Moana’s parents are quarreling over who should bury her although when she met her untimely death she was staying with her mother.

Her mother and father divorced when she was just a toddler and Moana had a strained relationship with his father over her lifestyle and career choice the two had not spoken in almost 2years which makes matters worse for her father.

Clashes over who should bury Moana have derailed burial proceedings with her father arguing that he ought to be involved in her late daughter’s burial he stopped the burial order saying he is not pleased about how things have been handled including the DNA tests done without his knowledge. This will lead to another delay for the burial of Moana