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Moana’s burial saga spills into the courts


Moana’s burial saga spills into the courts. It seems the spirit of Zimbabwen fitness bunny is refusing to rest in peace as she has not been buried up till now. The fight between Moana’s paternal and maternal family has resulted in the delay of her burial. Moana passed away in a car accident that claimed Zimbabwen rich man Genius Ginimbi Kadungure and two other people. All of the people who perished in the accident have all been buried except Moana.

It has been reported that Moana’s father attempted to steal her remain’s at the mogue where they are being kept. On top of that it has been reported that the father Mr lshmael Amuli also has the burial order which she doesn’t want to hand over so that the burial can commence. Both sides of the family are expected to be before the court on Monday by Justice Pisirayi Kwenda. Kwenda said he wants both sides of the family to provide oral evidence to allow a proper determination of the matter.

Initially Moana was meant to be buried on Friday at Zororo memorial park in Harare. However the burial didn’t end up taking place due to the disagreement taking place in the family. While speaking at Parirenyatwa hospital on Friday one of Moana’s aunt shared how lshmael Amuli who is Moana’s father tried to steal her body at the mortuary. “We heard that he came to steal the body yesterday around 7 pm when we had left, but he was stopped by the police and hospital authorities who said they required Moana’s mother to be also present,” Moana’s aunt said.

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The burial has been put on hold. We are still waiting to hear from Moana’s father who was supposed to collect the body at 10 am and take it to church.”

Following a High Court interdict by Moana’s mother, her burial can only take place after Monday. The matter has been postponed to Monday afternoon as explained by Ishmael Amuli’s lawyer.