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Money looks good on Faith Nketsi look at her before and after pictures


Money looks good on Faith Nketsi look at her before and after pictures. They say money cannot buy you happiness well it can sure by you comfort and expensive upgrades for your body. Faith Nketsi popularly know to many as “Queen twerk” is one celebrity who shows us that money can really change you in her case for the best. The entrepreneur’s reality show started on the 2nd of November and fans are really excited cause she shows another side of her that we did not see in season one. However she did mention that she had suffered a miscarriage but it seems with luxuries provided by money she has come back stronger and even more beautiful.

Nketsi has been in the entertainment industry for a while so we know how she really looks and the pictures we see today look a little less than the Nketsi we have been seeing over the past few years but we can not say we complaining because the starlet looks even more pretty.

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Like Khanyi Mbau who is not afraid or ashamed to say that she has had work done on her, Faith unlike most celebs who like to makes us think they were born that way even when we know they were not has never been ashamed to admit that she has had work done on her. She is one celeb who has opened up about her surgeries with her fans and has given them a front row seat when it comes to the amount of plastic surgery she has done on her self.

Faith Nketsi

However it is not a secret that she has had work done on her body even though her body looked amazing before the surgery but there is a noticeable change in it like the fact that she has bleached her skin because on her before pics she looked a little less lighter than she does know.

Faith Nketsi

The reality TV star also did some touch ups on her nose and jaws and we thinking it must have cost an arm and a leg because the surgeon did an amazing job it all looks so natural, flaw less and not botched like some celebs usually look after surgery. We can not say we complaining over the work she did on her self cause ladies she looks even more beautiful than before and she will definetly give you a run for your money we eagerly await to she what “Queen twerk” has in store for us.