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My life is worth more than SA assets says Bushiri after he was let go


My life is worth more than SA assets says Bushiri after he was let go.The ECG prophet and his wife are in the spotlight again this time because of a victory on their side. Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary have been released from the Malawian prison. The pair were “released unconditionally” from custody on Thursday by the magistrate in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi. Shepherd Bushiri went on facebook to celebrate their victory saying;

‘Whatever has happened today, I don’t see it as our victory … God has won. Tomorrow is better than today!’ Bushiri wrote on his Facebook page.

Acting on an Interpol warrant Shepherd and Mary Bushiri on Wednesday were taken into custody by the Malawian police after breaking their bail conditions and fleeing to Malawi. The pair face charges of fraud and money laundering after their arrest they were released on Thursday the judge siting that they were unlawfully arrested. Upon their release Bushiri seemed to be happy with the outcome as he was seen punching the air and said;

“We believe that justice is about to prevail. My life is more precious than the assets in SA.”

Bushiri’s remarks came after the Pretoria magistrate because they had fled the country ordered the seizure and the fortification of the couples Midstream Estate in Centurion worth R5.5m.

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After the couple surrendered themselves in Malawi they were “released unconditionally” by Magistrate Viva Nyimba. On twitter the Malawian News publication reported that the government was opposed to granting the Bushiri’s bail as they might be a flight risk and asked that they be kept in prison for 30 days while SA finalised the extradition request.

However Bushiri’s defense hit back saying their clients arrest in Malawi was unlawful and demanded the immediate release of their client thus the ruling of magistrate Viva Nyimba.”

They have already forfeited a combined R400,000 in bail money after slipping out of SA to avoid trial for alleged involvement in fraud and money laundering worth more than R100m.

It is reported that the court room was filled to the bream as people had come in their numbers to witness the Bushiri’s bail application hearing. They had to fight through the crowd which was made up of members of the civil society, lawyers and ECG church members.

Bushiri put out a brief statement on his Facebook page after the court ruling.

“In his ruling the magistrate ordered that my wife and I must be released unconditionally because our arrest was illegal. Further, the magistrate also ruled that whenever they have a case against my wife and I we should appear before court through summon (sic) not arrest.

“I am also informed that some of my assets in SA have been confiscated by authorities, to which I say: ‘My right to life is more important than any asset in this world.’

“Whatever has happened today, I don’t see it as our victory, neither our lawyers. God has won. Tomorrow is better than today!”

Things seem not to be looking good for those accused with the couple as the bail hearing for Willah Mudolo was rescheduled to the 3rd of December.