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Mzansi fear for Babe’s Wodumo’s wife life here is why


Mzansi fear for Babe’s Wodumo’s wife  life here is why. A fortnight ago it was about an Instagram video rant directed at her mother-in-law, Gugu Gumede, then on Monday the 27th of December a direct confrontation to singer Makhadzi and now people have started to air their deep concerns for Babes Wodumo’s life after such outbursts.

They claim that the Gqom singer is having a big problem with the bottle and drugs, so the need for her to get assistance. Some even started to offer comparisons while likening Babes to Whitney Houston with fears that she may face her demise in the same manner the great American singer did. Two weeks ago she went rogue on her mother in-law saying all sorts of disrespectful stuff. Then accused Makhadzi for sleeping with her man, Mampintsha.

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“I’m going to beat you up because you’re taking me for granted. You’re supposed to be my friend, yet you are sleeping with Mampintsha, as fat as he is? Stupid girl with no future. I’ll beat you until you call the police,” said Babes about Makhadzi.

Makhadzi then in a video responded to Babes saying, “You have problems with your man and you were beating him in front of us.” There are also rumours of Babes’ abuse on Mampintsha as alleged by one client who had booked the guy to perform before a fight ensued along the way. The source revealed that, “Babes Wodumo started beating Mampintsha. She eventually jumped out of the taxi. Because of that fight, they never made it to the next gig.”


A different source also said Mampintsha feels a deep fear for his wife and often restrained himself . “I’m afraid one day it’ll be fatal,” the source said. The red flag of this abuse was first raised by Pinki Gumede, Mampintsha’s sister who also voiced her fears that her brother could become a death victim from such abuse and have no one to pay for it.

“But it’s difficult to act. Mampintsha loves Babes,” Pinki said on Mampintsha’s lack of action.

She also said, “Often we’ve had to drive from KwaMashu to Westville to rescue Mampintsha.”

Read below for what other Twitter users in Mzansi have been saying about this issue:

@ZandileSBK, “Their relationship is destructive. It’s kind of like Whitney and Bobby Brown mess that can only end in tears. She’s alcoholic and probably on drugs. I hope her parents will stand up and get her help.”

@CrocSclothing wrote, “Each time I see Babes Wodumo trending my heart breaks. She needs professional help. This is no longer normal.”

@Thato said, “Babes’ videos scream ‘I need help asap’. It’s sad. Where are the parents, siblings, friends? She’s spiraling out of control.”

No comment could be received from Babes as she was unreachable and Mampitsha’s manager also declined to offer a comment.