Home Politics Mzansi left breathing fire after Cyril Ramaphosa drops unexpected news

Mzansi left breathing fire after Cyril Ramaphosa drops unexpected news


The South African president has been out ofbtge country for more than a week now and it was reported that he left the country for business purposes. I was said that Ramaphosa is trying to get some business deals in France which will benefit the country, but it seems he has been enjoying himself too much.

It seems Ramaphosa seems to be working well with France as he is trying to secure yet another deal with France for the South Africans. However thus news did not sit well with South Africans as they feel that this is not going to end well with these loans, its not the first time that the country has got a huge loan tondo the very same thing as it had been given R500 billion loan.

According to Ramaphosa thus load will be very helpful to Mzansi as it will help the whole country to deal with covid-19 as cases have started rising and the country had just hit the the third wave of the pandemic. R33 billion will be loaned to South Africa and this doesn’t sit well with taxi payers as they know that the loan will be paid with their money.

Many people doesn’t see the use of the loan as South Africa was loaned R500 billion last year when the pandemic started and many people had hoped that these funds would help out the whole country through the pandemic and that never happened, as a huge amount of thatoney was looted and an investigation was held about 8 months ago and there’s still no information about the money found.