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Mzansi man left fuming at Jub Jub because of this


Mzansi man left fuming at Jub Jub because of this. Jub Jub needs no introduction as he is a household name all thanks to Uyajola 9/9 as well as his music career. Even though he is a household name he is really not everyone’s cup of tea mainly due to the fact that he once claimed the lives of innocent kids while driving under the influence.


However he did his time and people should really cut him some slack. This time around Jub Jub decided to be a big brother and offer some advice to his fellow country men. However his advice was received with so much backlash and critisicm. Jub Jub took to Facebook and shared why most black man are not rich.

His post read “Having side chicks is part of the reason black men don’t progress. The minute they make a little bit of money, they share it with 5 other women besides their wife or partner. If you love sex and women, you’ll never be richer broer, you could be making money and having the potential to become a billionaire, but you’ll be using the money to satisfy the chicks instead of growing further.

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That’s why some men even end up stealing. The demands of the chicks are very high. Satisfying 1 woman is a job on its own, what about 10 that you’re not even married to?” Said Jub Jub.
Instead of appreciating these wise words from Jub Jub people began hurling insults him some even reminded him of prison. Check out some of the comments made below