Home Scandals Nandi Mbatha and bae Anga Makubalo have gone their separate ways.

Nandi Mbatha and bae Anga Makubalo have gone their separate ways.


Nandi Mbatha and bae Anga Makubalo have gone their separate ways. It has been reported that there is a trouble in paradise between former lsithembiso actress Nandi Mbatha and her lover Anga Makubalo. It has been alleged that Mandi has actually been kicked out of Anga’s home where she was currently staying.

Even though the two have not made any official statement addressing their break up it has been reported by two close source that they have split.

One of their close friends who didn’t want to be named said the couple actually went their separate ways two weeks ago. “They are no longer together and Naak asked Nandi to leave his place. She has been living with a friend for some days now. She isn’t taking the break-up too well,” said the close friend.

We got wind of their relationship sometime back in May due to the two’s Instagram post. The two didn’t want the public to know about their relationship at first as they kept their relationship on the low. We learnt of the two love affair when the actress posted a picture of herself.

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Even when she shared the picture of Anga for the first time Anga’s face was not clear , people later found out that it was Anga because of his leg tatoo which is hard to miss. However now she has removed all the images that they took together and she even I followed the musician.

Another informant said the reason for their break up was that Anga was now too busy and concetrating on his prospering career and his business venture a new gin brand called Royal flush Gin.

Nandi and Anga

Well this is just according to the source but the real reason for their break up is not yet clear. Attempts to reach out to Anga for a comment was not fruitful. Earlier this year it was reported that Nandi was dating a 24 year old junior creative at Quiteria Atelier Mpho Motsi however their relationship didn’t even last for more than two months. Anga could not be reached for comment on the matter.

Sometime back in September Nandi took to her Instagram account and shared how many do not take women seriously and actually treat them like trash.

” Men don’t take us seriously”. Nandi’s publicist Yaya Mavundla said she was not aware of the status of their relationship and requested for the actress to comment directly.