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Natasha Thahane has made men jealous of Lorch


Natasha Thahane has made men jealous of Lorch. The month of August was being dominated by the two love birds Natasha Thane and Lorch. The two love story is an envy of many and a couple goal for many as well. Intially the two tried to keep their relationship under the radar but as the saying goes nothing can remain hidden under the sun.

They eventually had no option but to come public with their relationship. Recently the beautiful singer made Lorch the envy of most men in Mzansi. This was after she took to her Instagram and shared a video in which she was showcasing her dancing skills.

She was dancing to a local song and after watching the video one could agree with me that she is neglecting her dancing skills. Her comment section was filled with nothing but praises for her but most of them were from man.

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Check out some of the comments made below “Friday mood 🥂 Kodwa Lorch 😒”

“The way I love this girl 🥰”

“This my fave videos ❤️❤️❤️ 😍💃🏽”

“You’re so breathtaking Yoh😍😍”

“😁Pirates izowina this weekend 🤞”

“Nyoso is very lucky”

“10/10 for thembinkosi nr 10🔥🙌”

“No wonder Lorch…. nton nton maani”

Watch the video that has made a lot of buzz below