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Nathaniel killers to appear in court today.


Nathaniel killers to appear in court today. It is without doubt that the brutal killing of Nathaniel has resulted in a national outcry. Especially members of Eldorado Park have been vocal about their displeasure in the manner in which the teenager was killed. Many have been calling for Justice for the teen so that his killers are brought to book.

Two police officers were taken in custody in regards to the teens death. They are expected to appear in court today at the Protea magistrate court near Soweto. This will be the first appearance of the two police officers who shoot at an unarmed teenager with no apparent reason.

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The teenager Nathaniel Julies who had a down syndrome condition was killed by police officers on Wednesday 26 August 2020. It is alleged that he had gone to the tuck shop to buy some biscuits when he bumped in to the police officers.

It is alleged that the police officers asked him questions he didn’t respond to and this angered the police who shot at the teenager and also beat him up. Nathaniel succumbed to the wounds and died.

Eldorado Park community members

The community members of Eldorado came out in their numbers to voice out their anger over the brutality showed by the police. As a result of the outcry of the community members the members of the independent police investigative directorate (lpid) the arrested the two officers on Friday.

The community members also didn’t have kind words for the police Minister Cele when he went to offer his condolences to the community. Some even called for him to step down. The Eldorado park community members are expected to come out in their numbers to see if justice will prevail over Nathaniel.