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Nonhle and Andile marriage has reached it’s end.


Nonhle and Andile marriage has reached it’s end. Many can agree with me that 2020 has resulted in many relationships coming to an end. Celebrities like Noma Gigaba , Zodwa Wabantu and just recently Master KG’s relationship came to an end.

Now Nonhle and Andile have also joined the band wagon of broken relationships.Theirs was not a smooth marriage it has been filled with many ups and downs. Isolezwe reported that the marriage of the two has reached a point of no return.

The Mamelodi Sundowns player was not willing to share into detail what happened between him and his wife. However he did confirm that they are no longer together. He said they are still married but no longer together.

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The two’s separation was sparked by rumours that Andile was having an affair with one of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg Brinnette Seopela. When he was asked about the allegations he denied it saying they are just friends.

A close source to the couple says the main problem between the couple is that Nonhle lacks respect for her husband. “Andile’s problem is that Nonhle does not respect him and she looks down on him. She forgets that the success of her catering company and the tenders she gets awarded are a result of her status as ‘Andile Jali’s wife’. Andile is tired of her behavior and even regrets marrying her,” said the informant.

This was witnessed earlier this year when she had an online argument with her husband’s baby mama Dipuo Maloi. Nonhle had this to say about her husband “If you are looking at me with my cornrows and you want to come here with your peruvian weave, trying to eat my man’s money and trying to eat my school fees’ money you must know that I’m the head office. I control all his money and I control all his bank cards. When I found this man he was nothing but a skroplaap (a dirty towel used to mop the floor) and I turned him into a normal washcloth so watch yourself,” she said on Instagram live.

Dipuo not wanting to be humiliated without saying a word she also dragged Andile’s name in the mud. She said “Head Office Yamasipha! Waphapha now that he has returned home… keep the card girl, he still has a child outside of your unstable marriage and he will still continue to nyoba nyoba skoon (to sleep around) out in the streets. Your man is useless anyway, not even fit to be called a father he is just a sperm donor. He could hardly buy his first born child Christmas clothes not even call or buy his child a gift on his birthday,” she clapped back.

After All this humiliation it’s no suprise that the two have decided to end their marriage.