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Ntsiki Mazwai blast Unathi Nkayi and wants her cancelled


Ntsiki Mazwai blast Unathi Nkayi and wants her cancelled.The Unathi Nkayi story has been trending for days now and Unathi has not released a statement on the issue, however poet and singer Ntsiki Mazwai who had taken a break from twitter has decided to give her two cents on the issue.

Unathi accused fellow radio host Sizwe Dlomo of abuse and if it was not for the recording we could be singing a different story right now. However despite her unspicable behaviour she has managed to bag herself a new gig as a TV presenter on Mzansi Magic’s show The Festive Get Together in The Life Artois.

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Twitter has called for Idols SA to do to her what they did to Somizi but apart from that twitter has remained silent on canceling out Unathi. Nstiki said what Unathi allegedly did was “an act of malice”.

Ntsiki went on to share her thoughts after Unathi got a new gig saying;“rewarding” Unathi with a job after she “acted out of malice” was a bad move.

“In the GBV climate we have in SA. A woman is alleged to have lied about someone and almost ended their career and reputation in an act of malice … And you give her a TV show for little girls to know that you can lie about men and be rewarded for your lie? For real?”

She went on to note that if there were no recordings Sizwe’s image would have been damaged by a lie and noted that she wished he would sue, so Unathi could be dealt w