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Pearl Thusi opens up about the struggles of being a celebrity


Pearl Thusi opens up about the struggles of being a celebrity. It is not a secret that being a celebrity comes with its own ups and downs. One disadvantage that no one can’t escape while in the public eye is the constant judgement one is subjected to by fans sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

Pearl Thusi said she has managed to survive with this constant judgement by telling herself that no one is perfect. The Queen Sono actress took to twitter and shared how people like to make a big deal out of every imperfection celebrities have whilst neglecting their own responsibilities.

“No one is perfect. But when they focus on your blessings until they lose sight on their own…they throw stones and magnify your imperfections. A coping mechanism,”

Pearl Thusi has been bullied countless times on social media but she hasn’t given up on what she does. She said “Distraction come right before a breakthrough.

Don’t stop fighting for your purpose”

Just recently Pearl was dragged again on social media after she became emotional and cried on Behind the story BET while she was speaking to her guest Khanyi Mbau. She broke down while she was talking about how she is affected by the colourism hate she gets on a daily basis even though she ignores them.

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“Because they are light-skinned, that’s why they are where they are. Yes, there are privileges, but let’s also look around who is giving those privileges to them and why they exist in the first place.

“You can’t take those people because they are easy to abuse and they’re in your community and they are accessible and they say, ‘Yes because you’re light-skinned she thinks she’s better’. No, let’s go back to the source on why we have an identity crisis and why we look different and why we are the way we are.”