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Polyandry: Zulu woman already got married to 2 men?


The news about the possibility of polyandry being added to South African marriage law has left every with mixed emotions, men don’t think that would be a good idea as tgwh continue to feel that men can never be equal to women.

Some even alleged that many women are struggling to get one husband, so they question how will they be able to get two. On the other side women were really happy with the new law as they feel that if man can do it so can they after all times have changed.

A picture of a Zulu woman getting married to town identical twin brothers have been circulating. Some people have been alleging that women have already started while others say that its a Zulu tradition and it has nothing to do with polyandry. They claim that the bride was getting married to one of the twin brothers and the other one was oy there for support.

Here are some of the reactions below:

“No maan, this is old story, these guys where twins, yes one of them ws marrying this lady, the ada twin brother said he was just there to support his twin brother.”

“I remember them,they got married last year,this kind of a marriage caught the attention of many South African women,most of them suggested that they should also be allowed to have more than one husband.”

“When a twin dies, the surviving twin will first go in the grave and lay down there before the coffin of the departed twin goes in. Because it is believed that they’re one person. So even when a twin gets married it is believed that the other twin is also getting married, hence kumele enze umlimgiso, as if he’s also marrying the lady. It’s that simple, only one twin is getting married here, not two.”