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Prayers pour in for Mampintsha after suffering from stroke



Prayers pour in for Mampintsha after suffering from stroke.As a result of the recent health scare suffered by South African musician and businessman Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo, rising levels of concern are being expressed. After reading in the Daily Sun that the Kwaito star had recently suffered a stroke, his devoted followers have been sending him well wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.



The Ngeke hitmaker, Mampintsha, has reportedly suffered a stroke. According to the publication, the singer who recently made a triumphant return with Big Nuz after a ten-year split was admitted to King Edward Hospital in Durban over the weekend and then transferred to Durdoc Hospital. This occurred after the singer recently made a triumphant return with Big Nuz after a decade-long split.


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Fans have expressed concern regarding Mampintsha’s health on various social media platforms in response to his unexplained weight loss. The hitmaker behind “Ngeke,” who is married to the woman who calls herself the Gqom Queen Babes Wodumo, felt compelled to respond to the offensive comments made about his weight by users of social media. He claimed he did not care because he was used to having people make fun of him when he was overweight.



He also mentioned that he had gone the route of eating in a healthier manner. In addition, he disclosed that he had purchased gym equipment with the intention of reducing his body fat and improving his fitness level.On Saturday, December 17th, the family received a phone call, and according to Pinki Gumede, his sister, they were informed that they needed to rush over to his house.



“When we arrived, he appeared to be in a bad way. His delivery was marked by a great deal of affect. Pinki shared with the outlet that her brother shared with them that “he told us that he consulted with a sangoma and was told to do (amagobongo) traditional ceremony.”Pinki disclosed that they had purchased a goat in preparation for the ritual, but Mampintsha did not return to their home in time for the ceremony. Instead, they butchered the goat and consumed it in its entirety.



“He requested that we purchase a goat and acquire impepho in order for him to carry out the ritual.” After that, we went back home and continued doing that. However, he never showed up. Instead, he instructed us to carry out the rite without him being present. We were taken aback by this, but there was nothing we could do about it. As a direct consequence of this, we butchered the goat and consumed it. But the impepho was not set on fire, she clarified.




We didn’t find out until a few days later that he had suffered a stroke until after he was admitted to the hospital. Once more, we reached out to Babes and her family, but they reassured us that there is no need to be concerned about him because everything is in order. We are aware that he is in very poor health, but once again, we are being prevented from helping him, and there is nothing we can do. We are concerned and anxious that something unfavorable might occur to him.Lira is yet another well-known celebrity who has experienced speech and communication difficulties as a result of a stroke. On the other hand, she is making significant headway in her recovery.



The singer who had success with “Feel So Good” posted an update on her health and stated that she was beginning to feel better on her Instagram account in September.“I can’t believe it’s been six months already – it’s crazy how fast time flies. My old position was somewhere between the second and third picture in this series. Even though I am back to feeling like myself, I am still on the road to recovery.



Although it will take some time, it is possible to undo the damage! This procedure has been very interesting to me, and despite the fact that it can be quite difficult at times, I am content with it. Simply living another day is a gift in and of itself. It is a priceless gift to be able to spend time with one’s family, friends, and other loved ones. I know that many of you have been cheering for me, and I can’t tell you how much it means to have your support.



The Southern African music scene was dominated by Big Nuz, who are widely regarded as the best kwaito band in the region. In those days, Mampintsha was known by the alias Big Shimora, although a lot of fans mistook him for Big Nuz.The Ngeke hitmaker, Mampintsha, has reportedly suffered a stroke



His physique during that time period caused fans to attach him to a variety of different things. He gained a lot of attention with his shirtless dances, in which he showed off his ample stomach. Because of his enormous popularity, he was able to become the public face of both Kwaito and Big Nuz at the time.




Mampintsha transformed himself into Gqom as the popularity of Kwaito declined among fans, which left Big Nuz struggling to find dates. After that, he went on to get married to Babes Wodumo, who was a rising star at the time, and they had their first child together in a scandalous marriage. Mampintsha has on multiple occasions shared the nutritious food that he consumes, but this has not been sufficient to satisfy what fans saw. He looks like King Monada.




Mansi has some unanswered questions after viewing some recent pictures of Mampintsha.The musician, who is now 39 years old, posted photos of himself on Instagram, and his followers immediately noticed that he had slimmed down. Before a fan who was concerned about Mampinstha’s health brought it up, a number of fans had commented that they noticed he had lost weight.




When people started talking about his health, it revealed a side of him that a lot of people hadn’t seen before. In point of fact, Mampinstha has lost an abnormally large amount of weight compared to what is typical for people. If the key is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, he ought to put his knowledge into a book and start selling it.




It is not the first time that Mampintsha’s health has been brought up as a subject of discussion on social media. In 2019, the same problem occurred when he appeared in a video looking so thin. He has come forward to defend himself, claiming that he is in good health and is merely working to control his weight. Before his recent pictures reminded him of the Mampinstha from the past, fans had no choice but to accept what he had to offer as truth.




Mampintsha is considered to be a founding member of the Gqom music genre.
Mampintsha and the Big Nuz are responsible for raising the flag of South Africa while playing Kwaito music. The musical style became extremely popular all over Southern Africa and was also played in other parts of the world.



After the popularity of Big Nuz began to wane, Mampintsha developed a more rapid style of Kwaito that he called Gqom. Busiswa, DJ Tira, Destruction boys, and Profesor are some of the most well-known names to have achieved success in this musical genre.Since Amapiano has emerged as the dominant sound in the club scene, Gqom has fallen out of favor. Even though Amapiano is the most popular genre in Mzansi, Mampintsha continues to focus on Gqom and creates some really great tunes.