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President Cyril Ramaphosa bans alcohol over the Easter weekend


President Cyril Ramaphosa some changes on the lockdown rules and regulations, as the Easter weekend is near people are preparing to travel to different towns mad province mainly for spiritual gatherings. However some will be travelling just to take their minds of school and work which means a lot of alcohol will be involved this coming weekend.

The president announced that the covid cases have been stable for the past two weeks as we have been recording about 1200 cases per day, the death rate has declined and so is the hospital admissions. This means that we are on the right track so in order for things to stay the way they are Ramaphosa had to put in some few restrictions oy for four days.

The president has restricted sales of alcohol for off-site consumption from Friday until Monday, which means alcohol will only be allowed to be consumed in restaurants from 9am until 11pm at night. According to the president these changes will only be applied for the Easter weekend as a way to prevent the country from getting high cases of covid19.

This decision of alcohol ban over the Easter weekend did not sit well with the South African Liquor Brand owners Association, as they fear that this decision could result in them lossimg a lot if money over Easter.