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Prison taking a toll on Mary Bushiri


Prison taking a toll on Mary Bushiri. This past few days have really been challenging for the Bushiri’s. Mary was arrested on Tuesday by the Hawks when Shepherd learnt that his wife had been arrested he went on to hand himself in to the police. The two are being charged with fraud , theft and money laundering. The two have been in prison ever since Tuesday as they are waiting for their bail hearing and they are expected to appear before the court on Friday.


It is without doubt that prison is not a good place for anyone Mary Bushiri is living proof that prison is a rough place. Mary had a smooth , beautiful skin. It also seems she has gained more weight and it now looks like she has been in prison for a very long time. Even the nice hair style she had on disappeared within a day only.

Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi said Shepherd and Mary came into South Africa in 2009. When they came they then registered companies and began their business, and this is was against the law because one can not do so if they are in the country with a visitors visa. Suprisingly the Home Affairs and the police did nothing about it.


Bushiri went on to apply for a permanent residency, and the man of the cloth lied under Oath and said that he came into the Country in 2015, however the records have proved otherwise , it showed that he came in 2009.

Pertaining Mary, Motsoaledi said she first came into the country in 2009 and she came with a visitor’s visa, she then came back in the country in 2012.

“She produced a permanent residency visa which was given to her in 1997, long before she entered the country. It was fraudulent,” he said. The department has in the meantime issued a notice to the couple, asking them to clarify discrepancies in their applications for permanent residency.

Honestly speaking these people are busy playing hide and seek in the court and wasting resources of the government as well as peoples time. They can see that Bushiri and his wife are guilty and they have even found some other crimes that they have committed but they are being trialed for those crimes.

The truth is out and there is absolutely no way that Bushiri could have committed these crimes alone. He was assisted by people who worked inside . For it was not possible for them to get residents while it was obvious that he had lied. Hence everyone involved should face the music.