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Why are our so called Prophet’s failing to cure corona

Prophets fail to cure Coronavirus


Why are our so called Prophet’s failing to cure corona In as much as covid-19 has brought so much sorry and misery but to me personally it was also an eye opener Prophets

It is without doubt that Africa has many Prophet’s in the world who perform signs and wonders.

Some claim to resurrect the dead,

some perfom miracle some and some claim to have spiritual spectacles the list goes on and on.

Suprisingly not even one of these Prophet’s managed to see this pandemic before it landed on us as if that’s not enough of all the miracles they have performed no one prophet has managed to cure this virus.

However they continue carrying out their service online

Doing their miracle but the whole world is in need of miracle to put an end to the virus. This leaves one to wonder if we truly have man of God.

The scripture says touch not the annoited ones we are not going to do we are just to just discuss about what’s happen.

When we look at the Prophet’s in the Bible they were always there to lead the people to give them hope in times of despair but when we look at the Prophet’s of our time now we are in despair we look up to them for guidance but it seems like none of them want to talk about covid-19.

Don’t get me wrong am not judging am just using my brain here

Why are they talking about financial breakthrough when we in the middle of this pandemic .

Religion is meant to guide us spiritually not in intellectual games, that is why our hearts are the Lord`s temple not our minds, because sometimes we need we need to think with our brain so that we are not deceived and taken advantage of all in the name of God.

The times that we are in now one has to be careful when someone is talking about their god it does not necessarily mean they are talking about God our heavenly father.

Many of these Prophet’s are using church is a money making scheme

Hence one should always use their mind to think through the disguise.

We have the Bible to guide us if one is doing contrary to the bible your common sense

should tell u to stay clear of such a person for we are after the kingdom of God not his servants.

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The moment you start saying yes to everything your prophet say and not even verifying it with the bible

Then surely you are a worshiper of man no God because the Bible clearly states that seek first the Lord God himself and everything shall be added unto us or you (whatever the side).

If we follow this miracles can happen without even paying for one on one with these so called Prophet’s of God .

I can not say l truly know the whole bible but l have never come across a scripture where

Jesus asked for money so he could perform miracles rather he always said your faith will make it happen.

Meaning with faith you can heal ourselves we could even see visions of what is to happen without going to anyone.

It’s high time we wake up and smell the coffee if these Prophet’s are really powerful and full of miracles

How come they are not doing anything about this virus that everyone is hoping that it ends rather they have the audity to ask for money people be careful.