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Ramaphosa has spoken this is the new COVID-19 guidance for SA


Ramaphosa has spoken this is the new COVID-19 guidance for SA. The family meeting we had been waiting for is over and it was more of an ultimatum from dad that a meeting. Considering what is happening the president did have his serious face on as he stated that 60% of South Africans have not received their vaccine jabs and with the new variant of the virus already causing problems for the country he has insisted that people get vaccinated.

Nothing much has changed in terms of restrictions and regulations, the main aim of his address today was mostly targeted at those who had not gotten their jabs yet. At the current at which the vaccine is being administered the country will miss its 70% target were by they had hoped that by the end of 2021% of the population will fully vaccinated. Contrary to popular belief South Africa does not have a vaccine shortage but have demand problems as the vaccine is available.

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The Omicron variant has changed things, this past week new infections were at an all time low and with the new variant the infections moved from the low hundreds to over 3000. this new variant is different to Delta and it seems it spreads faster.

Scientists believe that the vaccine will provide protection against serious infection from the Omicron strain which is a plus for those already vaccinated.

No drastic measures were taken by the president as compared to the previous lock downs as the country will still maintain its level1 stage but with the way things are looking things might change as the weeks go by.

The president went on to note his is looking at ways to curb the low numbers of people getting vaccinated by working with social partners to look into the introduction of vaccine mandates.

He said the government will consult on were vaccines should be made mandatory. He went on to plead with the public to avoid large indoor gatherings and rage parties considering that we are approaching the festive seasons raves and parties will be something that will not be avoidable.

He went on to plead with the rave events asking them to put a cap on them as they try and fix things.