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Revealed: Every SA female celeb that has dated AKA.


Revealed: Every SA female celeb that has dated AKA. Aka is one of the richest musician in Mzansi with a career spanning for years and many accolades in his belt he has done very well for himself. He has collaborated with the likes of American rapper Snoop dog among others and his reputation of making hit songs precedes him. However the rapper is definitely a Casanova and her is a list of women that have been in an intimate relationship with him.

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DJ Zinhle
The two met in 2015 and theirs was a love a first sight sought of thing if that exists but the two separated three years later when Zinhle was pregnant and she accused him of cheating on her with Bonang Matheba. However they both denied the allegations but that did not help as DJ Zinhle and AKA went their separate ways and soon after he was in a relationship with Bonang.

The two share a daughter Kairo who they are raising together,and their dedication to raising their beautiful daughter Kairo Forbes has kept them together. They have managed to come to a point of mutual love, respect and support, and we love to see the growth!

Bonang Matheba

Theirs was a turbulent relationship and one of his most criticised relationship ever mostly because of how they started their relationship. Reports suggested that AKA cheated on Zinhle while she was still pregnant with Bonang even though they denied it, it was obvious because the two hooked after soon after they broke it off with Zinhle. Because of they didi to her Zinhle’s fans hate the TV presenter passionately.

Things were bad for them for the most part and it ended badly for them as AKA accused Bonang of using witchcraft on him. Rumor has it that the relationship was toxic and abuse was something that happened, the two broke up so many times and reconciled more times than we can count. AKA revealed in a song that he kicked her out of a hotel room once. Half of Mzansi sighed in relief when they finally ended things for good.

Nicole Nyaba

Nicole Nyaba has been tied to AKA, rumour was that the two were an item when he was dating Bonang however Nicole debunked that rumour saying she has never dated him. No one believes her as she is still referred to as AKA’s ex. She did gain popularity from it and has managed to do well for herself after the fact even though people are little bit confused by what she does.

Nellie Tembe

This is definitely his saddest relationship as it ended in tragedy, AKA was engaged to Anele “Nellie” Tembe and had already paid lobola before she met her tragic demise. She was not really known but when she started dating him and his mother liking her Instagram post she definitely became one

Anele’s death came as a shocker, she jumped from the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town, and was confirmed dead at the scene, following unsuccessful attempts by paramedics to resuscitate her. It was tough for the rapper specially considering that he was a suspect in the case.


Nadia Nakai

It seems AKA and fellow rapper Nadia Nakai are in a relationship if you believe the rumours and you are not blind to the little clues and hints Mzansi has been picking up on. It is obvious that the two are together as they are on vacation together they have been sharing similar pics and Mzansi is not blind and people are more than happy for the two even thought they have not confirmed that they are together.

Recent post also suggest that Nadia is eager and ready to go public with their relationship but AKA is reluctant considering what happened to his fiance its understandable. Also Mzansi sems happy for them but some have warned the female rapper to jump ship before things get nasty as they feel AKA is a toxic person.