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Sad: A man gets kicked out of Cicks for wearing a traditional attire


Its so sad his Clicks continues on mistreating black people in Mzansi, it seems they will never stop being racist. Not so long a it was involved in a racism advert saga mad now they have found themselves again for being rasist after not allowing a man who was wearing a Ndebele traditional attire to enter the Clicks shop.

The poor man was told to leave the shop at Clicks in Midrand because he was wearing a traditional attire, according to the manager he wasn’t allowed to enter into the shop because his traditional Ndebele attire was not decent for them. It so sad that people are now not able to embrace their cultures because the will.not be permitted yo enter in shops as their attires are labelled as indecent.

The worst thing is that the manger who refused the Ndebele man entry into a Clicks shop is a black man yet he couldn’t understand the poor man’s traditional attire. Following the incident they say they never told theqn in the Ndebele attire to leave and claims that it was a pure misunderstanding.

“We are extremely embrassed by the Manager’s behaviour and will be putting in a formal complained,” the said.