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Sad moments for Indians as they throw away their Gods idols as they say they are failing to protect them from covid-19


What currently going in in India us very heartbreaking and very scary at the same time, the are the only country in the world that have been swept away by the covid-19. Instead of things getting better they are actually getting worse as people continue to die like flies.

A lot if people have lost of surviving this pandemic as even the hospitals don’t have enough equipment to fight the virus, the Indians have lost hope in everyone and everything including their “Gods”.

They have been known for worshiping idols and this time they feel that even their Gods have failed to protect them, they have been trying new ways to curb the virus but nothing seems to be working for them not to mention the high shortage of oxygen for the critical covid-19 patients.

India is one of the most strong and spiritual countries in the world as they take religion very serious, however considering their situation they have began that their Gods which they had been worshiping for may decades have failed them as they are letting the population of India die due to covid-19. Many people have started throwing away and damaging their idols as they don’t see the point to continue worshiping them why the coronavirus continue to finish them all.