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See what President Ramaphosa was caught doing in France which left Mzansi Angry


Our South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was reported that yes currently in France where he is handling business which would be very beneficial for our country. It still not known what kind of business he has been doing on France, however all we know that he has been there for the past few days now.

After a few pictures of the president in France was shared on social media, a lot of South Africans were left breathing fire. It seems the president has used this trip to enjoy himself more than doing business. South Africans were left very angry with the president becausebhe us currently enjoying himself in France while we have started experiencing the third wave of the covid-19.

People feels that instead of him enjoying rides in France he should be Herr in South Africa addressing us as to what should the next step be before things get out of hand as we have just started experiencing the third wave. Mzabsi feels that Ramaphosa is in France more for enjoying himself instead of taking care of business.

Here are some of the reactions of people on social media below:

“So ngamanye amagama ‘uCyril uyodlala kude’ while the country plunges in darkness by his incompetent CEO of choice. Someone tell him @PresJGZuma is a free man still. Load shedding was suspended in the morning. Land is not returned as he promised De Klerk still. Nothing changed yet.”

“Funding of African recovery discussed in France. Probably France recovery by further exploiting Africa. So all the work on African Renaissance, NEPAD and BRICS down the drain. We are back to exploiters. Talk about selling out.”

“African leaders always behave like kids when they are in Europe.”