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Sello Maake Ka-Ncube 7 ex’s wreck havoc in his new relationship


Sello Maake Ka-Ncube 7 ex’s wreck havoc in his new relationship. Mjolo is certainly not for the faint hearted when everything is going on well. We promise each other heaven on earth some even go to the extent of naming their future babies. It seems as if former Generations actor is one of those lovers who promised heaven on earth to their spouses.


It has been reported that the actor has at least 7 former girlfriends that we know of. It seems there is one thing he always told his former girlfriends and that is he will marry them. However all these 7 girlfriends did not make it to the marriage stage and now the actor has found someone who he thinks is the right one for him. The actor is currently dating Pearl Mbowe and the two are even engaged.

It is this engagement that has made his ex’s furious and have began insulting the two love birds. While speaking to TshisaLive Sello revealed that the harassment from his ex girlfriend have been ruining his reputation. “These false accusations did serious damage to my brand and affected my revenue generation,” he said.

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The star said he went through the same situation back in 2011, and the worse part of it he was still mourning the loss of his son who passed away in a car accident.

“This was being done when I was at my lowest and emotionally vulnerable, as I was dealing with having buried my first son who sadly left us due to a car accident. This deprived me of my right to mourn the death of my child and I’m yet to recover from this unfortunate ordeal,” he said

He went on to urge all those who are into relationships to be mindful of all those who they are dating.

“Every relationship fails due to its own merits and the same applies to every good and healthy relationship. Let’s learn to practise the spirit of ubuntu and just be happy for one another as we move on with life, especially if we claim to have loved each other at some point in our lives.”