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Senzo Meyiwa’s case, has now taken a new development


Senzo Meyiwa’s case, has now taken a new development… The family has hired a top lawyer


The move to hire Advocate Malesela Teffo to help them crack the case means that the Meyiwa’s family is not going to back down. The family believe that the case is taking too long hence the decision to hire a new lawyer.

The has been ongoing for long with some speculating involvement of her baby mama, singer Kelly Khumalo being the Mastermind of Senzo’s death.

The hired lawyer gave a statement saying

“I was approached by Senzo’s brother, Sfiso on 5 January, asking me to liaise with various stakeholders in the matter because the family needs closure.”

Teffo continued to say that

“This high profile case involves big names.”

He continued to say

“There are two investigating teams, one reporting to the police minister and another to the national police commissioner. I see no reason why the culprits are not brought to book. They know them.”

Teffo also spoke to Senzo’s mother over the phone and she told him, her wish to die in peace knowing her son’s death was on in vain.

In a speech Teffo said

“She told me she never finds peace unless the right people were brought to book. They know who was in the house but haven’t charged them. Their lives continue as usual.”

Senzo’s brother also have a a question on why the Vosloorus house, a crime scene was sold.

“A lot of things are questionable in this matter and Sfiso is confident, the people who were recently arrested in his brother’s case are not the suspects.”

Teffo said

“He told me he knows his brother’s killer he knows his brother’s killer, and people that should be questioned were the ones in the Vosloorus house on that fateful night.”

Teffo said he would meet with the family next month to discuss a way forward.

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He continued to say that he was going to liaise with the investigating teams, prosecutors and the media on behalf of the family. Teffo said he would work very closely with the family and give them feedback on any progress.