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Shauwn Mkhize has allegedly hit rock bottom as she can’t even afford this


Shauwn Mkhize has allegedly hit rock bottom as she can’t even afford this. Shauwn Mkhize needs no introduction as she is known as one of South Africa’s multi-millioner. However judging by recent events I don’t think we should be addressing her as a multi-millioner. It is being alleged that Mamkhize is no longer stable financially like she used to before. This could be evidenced by her failing to manage her team RoyalAm.


According to a close source the situation at RoyalAm is so dire and if not addressed well this could be the end of the team. It has been reported that at least 15 players have not received their salaries yet. Even those who got their salary it’s not even full they were given just half of it. As if that’s not painful enough their living conditions are just terrible. As four players at Pietermaritzburg are sharing a room. Even coaches are not spared as they also sharing rooms with players.

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We are really not sure if it’s lack of money or lack of proper management for things to be in this state. However many people feel it’s lack of money instead of management since it is the only reason that can explain why she has 62 players in her team.

Check out some of the comments that were made regarding the situation below “It’s not a surprise at all,I feel sorry for these players.They thought their lives were going to be better off on Durban but worse than when they were in Bloemfontein.Shame on you MaMkhize.”

“You guys can correct me if I’m wrong. Don’t you think Royal AM management need some more time to sort this? They bought the status not so long ago, they bought the club with its players and they had their players already, that’s a lot, they can’t sort everything quickly”.

“They managed to arrange for the team to be in KZN,managed to arrange that they play their first game of the season in GP mara they cant arrange that their salaries are paid?families can be arranged for later yes,kodwa not salaries…i mean this players have had this issue at BC”.

“You don’t buy a team because you have money to burn, you buy a team because you actually have a plan on how to run it. I think they guys at Royal AM just wanted to show everyone that they got money and they can do whatever”

“Atleast whilst you sorting things out, pay the players, imagine running around the ground without getting paid, having to run against someone who got paid, vele ndi yeke”

“It’s people like this, Royal AM and TTM owners should never be allowed to buy a team,players suffer, this goes to show that even in Glad Africa the team’s players were not taken care of financially”.

“Before you enter into a business purchase is wise to check your cash flow hey, to run a team you need a strong administration and good capital as you will be buying players who are already in contract with huge amounts of money…..Planning is important”

“Their legal advisers are always caught with pants down, surely they could negotiated out of some of the contracts, financial manager Xud hv done some projections…see if it works out or not.”