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Shepherd Bushiri conducts an online church service


Shepherd Bushiri conducts an online church service. It seems nothing can stop the self proclaimed prophet from teaching the word of God not even troubles with the law. Recently the controversial prophet had a church service online which congregants attended via zoom. Bushiri has been grabbing headlines lately and not because of the word of God no but because of his constant battle with the law.

Some time back in October Bushiri together and his wife were arrested for theft , money laundering and fraud. The couple spent at least two weeks in prison and they were later released on bail. However their bail conditions required them to report to the nearest police station twice a week and it also forbid the couple from leaving the country nomatter what. Bushiri and his wife violated their bail conditions and left SA for their home country Malawi. Bushiri said he feels like he won’t get a fair trial in SA and that his life is in danger in SA hence he has decided to return to his home country.

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While they were in Malawi they were arrested by the authorities in Malawi their arrest was for a short period of time as court ruled their detention as unlawful. However the South African authorities have began the process to try and extradite the couple. During all this trouble with the law Bushiri is not stopping from preaching the word of God.