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Shephered Bhushiri finally agrees that he is a fake Man of God, see video.


Shephered Bhushiri finally agrees that he is a fake Man of God, see video. Shephered Bhushiri and his wife Mary Bhushiri have been a trending topic since they escaped to his home country Malawi after being charged and released on bail. Things from there for the couple have gone down hill as they recently lost their daughter.

Now footage of the self proclaimed calling himself a false prophet dated Sunday 6th November 2016 has surfaced and it has gone viral as he clearly shoots himself in the leg. During one of his prophesy session a man called Daniel Edah received a prophesy from him saying he was going to be the next president of the Benin Republic in the elections which were scheduled for April 2021.

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“This man God tells me to anoint him, for he will become a president…” he said.

“Am seeing you a president. I am saying this in front of everyone, the whole world is watching this prophecy, so that when it comes to pass, they will know, it was not a man’s doing, you being the president of the Republic of Benin.”

Bushiri can seen anointing him with oil claiming that it was oil used to anoint kings and presidents stating that he was the first to be anointed with the oil. He can also be heard instructing his congregants to write his prophesy down saying that if his prophecy does not come to pass he is not a man of God.

“Everyone write it down- whether we have got this media, fake media or false media. Let them write down my prophecy and let us see if it will not happen. If this prophecy will not happen, I AM A Fake PROPHET! Come and stone!

Fast forward five years down the line he is not a president as he was dropped from the race as he failed to get the required number of sponsors necessary for candidacy resulting in him getting dropped from the race.

The election was won by President Patrice Talon.

Lets think for a minute if it is true that Bhushiri is not a man of God why would he have made that bold proclamation, my theory is that he knew the type of following he had specially in Africa so he knew that if he endorsed him come election time his followers and people who like him would definitely vote for him however his scandal happened and some how ruined Edah,s chances of winning. Or he did not clearly here what God wanted.