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Shocker as William Mnguni’s salary on Uzalo is  revealed


Shocker as William Mnguni’s salary on Uzalo is  revealed.We all know him for his onscreen character Pastor Mbatha from one of Mzansi’s most watched telenovela’s Uzalo. Thaboka William Mnguni has become the face of Uzalo and hi acting skill always leave us wanting more.

He is a self ordained Bishop and former Pastor and board member of KwaMashu Kingdom Church based in KwaMashu on Uzalo. The man of the cloth was once married to Madongwe, however their marriage did not last as they went their separate ways and got a divorce.

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It is clear that Mbatha is no over his ex-wife as he keeps on trying to win her back to no avail, we now him mostly for being the one who was able to get rid of pastor Qhabanga.

Qhabanga had it in for the KKC church and his main aim was to sell it but Mbatha would not allow that to happen.

His off screen life is nowhere close to his on screen as off screen he is a business mogul and an entrepreneur. His dressing is always a constant topic of discussion as his bling always leave Mzani astonished by his expensive designer clothes and by his expensive exotic cars on social media.

After taking a few days off for personal reasons he returned to the show ready to bring the drama that comes with his character. Mnguni has been in the entertainment industry for decades and he has years of experience tied on his belt meaning that he is a sought after talent.

Despite Uzalo being a low-budget drama series, the actor rack in a monthly income of R75 000 per month which is good considering that actors are paid according to experience and air time.