Home Entertainment Sibabalwe Tunzi and Mr Yoki Yoki eliminated from ldols SA

Sibabalwe Tunzi and Mr Yoki Yoki eliminated from ldols SA


Sibabalwe Tunzi and Mr Yoki Yoki eliminated from ldols SA. Idols SA is one of the interesting musical shows in SA. This year’s marks it’s 16th year of it being aired on television screens. Sometimes people feel like the judges are being biased or they are showing favour. This year Mr Yoki yoki and Sibabalwe auditions were cause of debate on social media. Well this ldols SA theatre week was interesting for many as the 107 contestants that intially made it in the first round were eliminated to 31 contestants by the end of the week.

Viewers got to witness their favourite contestants being eliminated from the show. One of those is Mr Yoki Yoki, he found his way in many peoples heart when he auditioned. His audition even trended on Twitter for a whole day. However viewers will no longer be seeing any performance from the singer as he was eliminated from the show after failing to remember his lyrics in the group round.

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People were really quite disappointed to see him go.

😱 No more Mr. Yoki Yoki on #IdolsSA! 😱 Vhudi will forever be remembered – and we’re sure we’ll be hearing from him again very soon… pic.twitter.com/9lEtEZvhPl

Mr Yoki Yoki

The same can not be said about Miss Universe younger sister who was also sent packing from the show. It looked as if no one was really suprised or saddened by the fact that she has been eliminated. As many thought she shouldn’t have been given the golden ticket in the first place.

Many tweeps were quick to comment that her elimination was no suprise for she couldn’t even sing and the only reason why she got a golden ticket was because of her sister the Miss Universe.

Here are some of the comments made after her elimination

Zozi’s little sister definitely won the golden ticket by mistake, She can’t sing #idolssa pic.twitter.com/IN3skXXudC

— Sello (@SelloMuleya) August 30, 2020
LOL Finally the Universe Said No, not Namhlanje to Zozi’s Sister kwaaaaks.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💔💔💔💔#idolssa pic.twitter.com/X4YPDTBQn6

— Kag’sow_🇿🇦 (@NjabuloMtsenga) August 30, 2020
Randall’s face🤣🤣. When Zozi’s sister started hitting the high note #idolssa pic.twitter.com/vPXzR8bizS

— Mamsimango (@Ayanda66669698) August 30, 2020
Zozi’s sister didn’t even do well for me ka auditions. I’m not surprised she didn’t make it #idolssa pic.twitter.com/XMKUdF2OjI

— Malome G wa Banuzis (@GeeMolema) August 30, 2020
But Zozi’s sister can’t sing 😭

Just judging by the reactions you can tell that no one wanted her in the show for they felt she can’t sing.