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Singer Kelly Khuluma publicly introduced herself as the wife of King MisuZulu, Mzansi reacts


King Misuzulu has left all the woman in Mzansi going crazy over him, it seems he will be able to get any wife he wants considering that they all want him. Considering that he is the Zulu King he can take as many wives as he want and surely he will have a large number to pick from as many beautiful ladies have been shooting their shots at him.

It looks like many South African ladies don’t mind being in line as the King chooses his next wife, his looks has left then going crazy over him.

However it seems that some of these ladies won’t be able to participate considering that when a wife is chosen for a king they follow strict traditions and the ceremony is a private one. Which means that manynof these ladies will only left drooling for him, but can’t get their hands on him.

It seems its every South African lady’s dream to become the King’s wife and even our celebrities are also interested in the King. Songstress Kelly Khumalo recently shared a beautiful picture of herself and introduced herself as the King’s wife “Umka MisuZulu,” she captioned.

Many of her followers found her captions very hilarious, however they couldn’t stop complementing her as they said that she would look so beautiful besides the King. Some even clawed her “uNdlunkulu” which means the First Lady.

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