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So heartbreaking Zodwa Wabantu s_xually harassed on stage


So heartbreaking Zodwa Wabantu s_xually harassed on stage. The controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu is on everyone’s lips recently. This was after a video of her being s_xually assulted on stage by a young boy surfaced. In the video the dancer could be seen doing her dance moves as usual and a young boy who seemed excited to see Zodwa came and began taking a video in front of Zodwa.

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While he was smiling at the camera of his phone his hand was busy finding it’s way into Zodwa’s panties and he even fingered her. Zodwa just smiled and pushed him away. Watch the video below.


It seems as if Zodwa Wabantu just brushed off the incident but her fans are not ready to let this slide. Some might say Zodwa always allow man to touch her while dancing but this unidentified boy took it a bit too far by fingering her in front of all those people and he was even recording a video. This was s_xuall harassment and if public figures like Zodwa Wabantu do nothing about it what will the young girls who adore her learn. They will think it is ok for a man to abuse you like that and go away with it. If Zodwa Wabantu hasn’t filed a case against this young boy she has to if not for herself but for the young girls who follow her.

So that they know and understand that it is not write for a man to touch them so inappropriately. Check out some of the comments made by tweeps below “the sexual harassment zodwa experienced on that video makes me so angry đź’””

“Gents l hope you all realize that Zodwa wasn’t really laughing”.