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Somizi involved in another big scandal


Somizi has been trending after allegations of him stealing someone’s idea of a cooking show and ran with it without compensating him. It never rains but pours for Somizi as another victim has come forward with similar allegations.

The man who used to work for Somizi has opened up about how Somizi used him and left him high and dry. Somizi’s former manager Veli Dlamini has narrated a story about he lost everything after Somizi dumped him suddenly after he has spent 100 000 to produce a fitness DVD for him.

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Dlamini said that the reality star allegedly dumped him after he had already invested a huge amount of money in his fitness DVD. He said that he decided to speak up for the first time after he saw Hasting Moeng accusing him of “robbery”, He then realized that Mhlongo has been getting away with conning people.

Veli is threatening legal action against Somizi. Sowetan sent Somizi some questions regarding the allegations and he did not respond.Upon calling him to hear his side of the story he said” f*** you” and hang up.

Similar to Hastings’s story, Dlamini approached Somizi with a fitness DVD idea that incorporates South African dance moves such as Kwaito and turns them into a unique dance fitness program. The DVD would then be released and sold commercially.

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Dlamini said that they signed an agreement in which Somizi would be responsible for the choreography. He acquired a bank loan to the amount of R65000 to fund the project. He later struggles to repay that money after Somizi abandoned the project. Instead, he produced his own fitness DVD titled Grind with Somizi which was allegedly similar to his concept.

Dlamini was the one who was paying for the bills when they were shooting the unfinished project. He even paid for clinical trials at a Gauteng university to find out if the program will yield the desired results.

Somizi involved in another big scandal

He was heartbroken when Somizi suddenly stopped shooting for the project after he got a new job as an Idols SA judge in 2016. He started ignoring him and threatened to block him if he continued bothering him about the project.

Dlamini said that he lost everything to a point that his car was repossessed by the bank and he could even pay for his medical aid. He suffered from depression as he was facing financial troubles