Home Entertainment Mzansi Celebs Somizi mocks his marriage with Mohale, see what he said.

Somizi mocks his marriage with Mohale, see what he said.


Somizi mocks his marriage with Mohale, see what he said. Somizi’s reality show has really gotten people all riled up as he opens up about his relationship with Mohale. During the first episode we got to learn his marriage to Mohale was none existent as they did not sign any divorce papers meaning if Mohale cannot prove that they were married he will not get anything.

They got married back in 2019 in an extravagant wedding however things quickly went side ways and the two decided to part ways not before Mohale accused Somizi of abuse.

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In a leaked audio Mohale can be heard saying Somizi allegedly pulled a knife out and said he wanted to stab him. “I took my keys and walked out, he took a knife. I was about to exit, so he said to me, ‘if you exit… I’m going to kill us both.’ So I took my keys and ran. He grabbed the knife and said ‘if you walk out, I’m going to stab you.’ Now I see a different person. I was sh*t scared and walked back into the house. He said ‘let’s talk.’ He cried and we moved on,” he told the publication.

Vusi, Somizi’s best friend asked him whether 2021 was a hard year in response he said
“Honestly, I was justified this year to commit suicide with things that I have been through.” he said. Vusi asked him if 2021 was the worst year in his life, he said it was not because there was a time a couple of years ago where we went broke.
Somizi’s denied Mohale’s claI’m of abuse saying they were meant to ruin his image. He has revealed during the latest episode of his reality show that he hopes to get married and that his marriage to Mohale was hjust a rehearsal.

“I am gonna married for three times. The first one was a rehearsal, this is a sound check and the third one is a performance supplements,” he said

Mohale and Somizi’s divorce continues to gets messier and messier. Now, it is reported that they never signed any documents to officiate their marriage when they got married.