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Sophie Lichaba on the verge of loosing car to the bank


Sophie Lichaba on the verge of loosing car to the bank. Right now it’s really painful to be in Sophie Lichaba’s shoes as it seems she is facing too many challenges lately. Not only is she struggling with her health as she is constantly in and out of hospital due to diabities it seems she is also not doing well financially.

It has been reported that the actress and business woman has defaulted on payment for her Hyundai mighty workhorse. Due to this her bank has filed papers at the high court in Joburg pleading with the court to help them reposes the truck she is using for her business.

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In the documents that have been submitted to the courts it shows that the actress owes the bank $685 00 by means of surety for the principal debt which was given to the enterprise in February 2015. When Sun team sent questions to the actress she didn’t respond.

In the documents it was stated that “The principal debt would be financed at a vehicle interest rate of 13,75% linked by a margin of 4.5%.

“The total collectable amount would be payable by the first respondent to the applicant in 72 instalments as follows: First instalments in the amount of R9 742.43 on 07 April 2015, 70 monthly instalments in the amount of R9 514.43 commencing on 07 May 2015. Final instalment in the amount of R9 514.43 on 07 March 2021.

The vehicle purchased with the loan belongs to the applicant until the first respondent has settled all the financial obligations towards the applicant. Provided the first respondent is not in default, the first respondent is entitled to possession and use of the vehicle.

“When the first respondent has settled all its financial obligations to the applicant, the applicant will transfer ownership of the vehicle to the first respondent.”

The bank also seeks the court to grant an order to compel Sophie to return the truck.

“I hereby request that the applicant is granted leave to approach the above Honourable Court on the same papers, but duly supplemented, to claim any amount which may be outstanding subsequent to the sale of the vehicle.

“Despite demand, the first respond has failed, refused and/or neglected to return the vehicle to the applicant, alternatively the applicant hereby demands the return of the vehicle.