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South African men wants to become prisoners so they can also experience the luxurious prison life


Since the video of the female warden and prisoner proke the internet yesterday morning, this has result in the real life f prisoners being exposed on social media as people finally got to see that prison life is not as difficult as the thought.

It was revealed how many prisoners are getting many priveledges in the prison and it turns out that some prisoners are living a better life in the prison than some people who are living in poverty. This has left many men in Mzansi having a desire to he prisoners so they could also get to experience that life and all the benefits they have been getting.

Now people have a clear understanding why many people who have been in the prison before ends up going back there, its because of the benefits they get while inside.

Many pictures have been circulating on social media as we got to see prisoners having television sets in their cells, having braai and even romantic relationships with the female wardens. On the other side they have been getting free education, they don’t experience load shedding like us and also gets free meals and everything else.