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Steve Harvey says that he won’t be buying a house in South Africa because of Load Shedding


As a country we are now used to the fact that in winter that’s when she face the most load shedding in our country. Its so sad because its really cold without electricity however we have already gotten used to the situation.

As much as we are used to this, it is so hard for other people to get used to this situation. Family Feud host Steve Harvey can’t understand the situation of load shedding as it is not something that he is used to. The media personality recently expressed how he feels about this issue as he can’t understand why people have to stay so long with electricity as it is one of the basic needs more especially in winter.

During his interview with Devi Govender, Steve said that he would have loved to buy a house here in South Africa so that he can get comfortable each time he is in this country, but considering the load shedding in this country we won’t by the house.

He told Eskom that he would love to buy a house in Mzansi to be able to walk in and have the lights on, he doesn’t understand why such a continent with the most natural resources in the world can’t keep their lights on all the time.

“Over the past 24 hours, Eskom teams have returned seven generation units to service. This has helped ease the supply constraints and enabled Eskom to suspend load shedding at this point. However, this is currently insufficient to fully supply the evening peak,” said the embattled power utility in a statement.