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Teacher smashed with poop by an angry student.


Teacher smashed with poop by an angry student. A teacher has been humiliated to the last drop as she was smashed with poop by an
angry pupil. Am sure this an incident which is going to scar the teacher for life.
A student saw it fit to smack his teacher with poo , all because she allegedly said a word in her economics class which the grade 12 pupil failed to comprehend.

Out of anger, the pupil (19) found a bucket and filled it with kak scooped up from the schoolyard.

He then went back to the classroom in Khotsong near Bothaville, Free State, and smashed the kak all over the teacher.

A video of the incident went viral on social media, and many people were left with blood boiling in their veins.

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Daily Sun could not reach the teacher, but one student said the teacher filed a case against the culprit and he was arrested.

“We know him to be non-violent. I don’t know what’s going to happen to him, but what he did isn’t cool,” said the pupil.

Another pupil (15) said: “I think we’re misusing our rights because what happened to the teacher violated her rights.

“He knew he’d have called the police if the teacher retaliated.

“I won’t mind if corporal punishment comes back. How would he feel if the teacher was his mum?”

Free State education spokesman Howard Ndaba told Daily Sun:

“We condemn the incident in the strongest terms. We’ve suspended the pupil for five days.

“He’ll appear before the school’s disciplinary committee on Friday.”

Police spokesman Brigadier Motantsi Makhele said the teacher asked grade 12 pupils, who weren’t in uniform, if they were going home early.

“They said they were given permission as they are grade 12s. But one of the pupils started an argument with the teacher and the matter was resolved on Monday,” said Makhele.

“On Tuesday, the same teacher was in class when the pupil poured sewage over her.”

He said another teacher tried to stop the pupil from what he was doing but he threatened him.

“The two teachers opened a case of assault. The pupil was arrested and appeared in the Bothaville Magistrates Court yesterday, where he was granted R500 bail,” he said.