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The Bushiri’s to spend another weekend in prison.


The Bushiri’s to spend another weekend in prison. Once again the Bushiri have been denied bail due to the fact that the state claims that the Bushiri provided false information to the court thereby misleading the court. As a result the state had argued that Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary together with other three should not be granted bail.

The Bushiri’s along with Landiwe and Ntlokwana William and Mary Mudola were arrested last week and they are being charged with theft, money laundering and fraud. They are being accussed of laundering over R102 million.

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It has been reported that many members of the church lost their money after investing in one of the couple’s entities after they were promised to get back 50% of their investment in two months.

The state argued that the two should not be given bail because if they are granted bail they are most probably going to evade trial and also intimidate or bribe witnesses, hence they should not be given bail.

On top of that the Bushiri’s are being accussed of lying to the court. It has been reported that the couple lied about staying with their two children in South Africa . Whilst in actual fact they stay and also attend school in Malawai where the two originally comes from. It has been reported that in the past Bushiri interfered with state witnesses hence the chances that he will do so again are high. It has been alleged that also his legal team also intimidated state witnesses in his previous cases.

The state went on to say that is why most of his cases end up being withdrawn because he intimidates witnesses.

Due to these reasons the Bushiri’s are going to remain in prison for the weekend as they wait for their next court hearing.