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“The country should go back to level 5 from the 1st of April”


It was recently announced that the possibility of south Africa to face a third wave of the third eave of covid19 is extremely high considering that we are about to approach the Easter holidays. People around the country will be travelling to different provinces and a lot of church gathering with a lot of people will be taking place over the Easter weekend.

This could be very bad for our country as it can spike the third wave of the virus, the possibility of the third wave had left many people really stressed as they fear for their lives. As we all know that president Cyril Ramaphosa will be addressing the nation before the Easter holidays it is because wants to ensure that people follow the lockdown rules and regulations and these holidays don’t end up into a disaster of covid19 cases rising.

Many people have been hoping and praying that the president puts the country back on level 5 and prohibit all gatherings on his upcoming nation address as they fear that these Easter holidays could end badly. People are hoping that Ramaphosa cancels the Easter holidays just like he did last year so that people’s lives can be saved.

As much as the Easter hiays are for the religious , a lot of alcohol will also be consumed since it will be a long weekend which will.result I’m many people being reckless and ignoring the lockdown rules. Because of these reasons people fears that of we will be affected by a third wave of the virus it will surely because of the Easter holidays which is why they want the president to put the country back on level 5.