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This was quick Babes Wodumo already in the arms of another



This was quick Babes Wodumo already in the arms of another.Babes Wodumo has once again caused a commotion with one of her many antics that she performs on social media.The Gqom singer, who very infrequently tops the charts for anything positive to negative, has once more uploaded a video of her kissing one of the many men in her life.



Not so long after the passing of her husband, Kwaito star and the other half of Big Nuz Mampinstha who died on 24 December at 40, a day before Christmas, after suffering a stroke last week it sadly seems Babes Wodumo has already moved on. Well, maybe thats what they call new year new things!


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Due to the drama that had plagued her marriage to Mampintsha it seems Babes Wodumo felt it right to free her soul and kiss other men.It should be noted however, that this video of Babes Wodumo kissing someone else, is not the first video to be uploaded online as recently we have also seen the singer and dancer kissing Sizwe Mdlalose, the man who is featured on the song Uphetheni Esandleni performed by Dladla Mshunqisi.


In the video, the two of them can be heard discussing how they came to achieve fame in Durban and the areas that surround it. They then boast about their notoriety to others. Babes performs a dance while chanting “peace.”Babes can be seen in this new video pleading with a man to kiss her, after which they both break out into laughter.


However , lets not jump to the conclusion here. As beauseb of the striking resemblance between these two, Babes Wodumo and the man in question, many people who are familiar with Babes believe that person to be her cousin.But many people find it offensive, regardless of whether or not the man she kissed first is a cousin, because she was married and honestly her husband just died guys, and obviously the man she kissed first is not a member of her family.



Even though we are only a few hours into the new year, Babes has already been mired in controversy on multiple occasions. Last year, 2022 was worse, if it isn’t her disparaging Makhadzi and her mother-in-law, then it must be other women cautioning her to keep her distance from Mampintsha because he is their man.




Babes was told by the user of the TikTok account that she is Mampintsha’s first and only wife. “Hi Babes Wodumo, I noticed that you call yourself MaSimelane. My name is MaMaphumulo, and I am the real MaMaphumulo. I am the real wife of Mampintsha, so would you please leave Makhadzi alone? Simply the fact that the two of you are married has nothing to do with me in any way. Additionally, I have a spouse. I’m not sure if you already know this, but my husband and I got married recently.


“Thirdly, I want you to stop making fun of Mampintsha’s mother everywhere you go because she is my mother-in-law. You think that just because they are trying to keep me hidden I will keep quiet. You have my utmost contempt for assuming that just because other people are afraid of you that I will share their fear. She said, “I want South Africa to organize a fight between us, and on that day, do not drink alcohol and eat pap because I will beat you up.” She also requested that the fight take place in South Africa.



The toxic qualities of Babes were brought to light by Makhadzi, who claimed that Babes went crazy when the late Mampintsha looked at her during their time together in the studio.“I’m telling you, Babes Wodumo, that you never gave a damn about what happened to your studio. I’m telling you this because I know you. I have never disclosed this information to anyone other than my boyfriend. I told him you were fighting for your boyfriend not to look at me, and that it’s something I have no control over.



I also told him that I was unable to help you. I needed to get some work done, so I came to your studio, and I asked Mampintsha to lay down a verse. When I got there, however, you didn’t want me to record anything. Instead of that, you chose to have a public altercation with Mampintsha. You informed him that you had found out about me before he did. You’ve shared your issues with me, but I’m not going to talk about them right now, not even to anyone else.



“You were acting out, pouring alcohol on computers, and couldn’t even keep yourself under control in front of guests,” she said. Because I wanted to get to work, I was required to wait. It is not my responsibility that your man, Mampintsha, was following me around, but he did so. “Your man is a womanizer, and you should talk with him instead of with me,” said a Makhadzi who was fuming with rage.