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Three husband’s Mshoza got married to while she was still alive


Three husband’s Mshoza got married to while she was still alive. It is still difficult to come to terms with the fact that the Kwaito superstar Mshoza is nomore. Many didn’t know much about Mshoza’s private life and some are even suprised to know that the singer was married. However we are going to look at Mshoza’s love life and marriages.

Mshoza was not only married once but she was actually married three times. She first got married in 2007, during that time she tied the knot with Jacob Mnisi who was a business tycoon. However their marriage was short lived as Mnisi called off the marriage in 2011 sighting that he was not happy in the marriage as he was being abused by Mshoza. “I am being abused and I am tired of being quiet. I am an unhappy man”, Jacob Mnsisi was quoted at the time before their divorce

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After her first failed màrriage the Kwaito musician moved on to Thuthukani Mvula in 2017 who was a Durban business man. Just like the first marriage this one also failed and Mshoza claimed that she was being physically abused by Mvula she even stated that he threatened to kill her on numerous occasions. She went on to say as soon as they got married Mvula changed she felt as though his newfound fame got to his head.

Despite two failed marriages Mshoza didn’t give up on love. In February 2020 Mshoza got married for the third time to East Rand businessman Prince Dlamini at a Home affairs office in Joburg. They had a small wedding ceremony which was only attended by close friends and relatives on February 13.

The married couple were now living together in Vonveld Park on the East Rand. News that Mshoza got hitched to Dlamini was revealed by a friend of Mshoza’s mother-in-law Dudu Nkosi.

“She was so excited she told me that she was proud to be Mshoza’s mother-in-law,” said the friend.

The friend said Dlamini had asked that their marriage be kept hush-hush because not only is he a shrinking violet, he also does not want their union to become tabloid fodder.

“Also, he is in the logistics business, so he doesn’t want unnecessary attention that will defocus him from his business,” said the friend.

Nkosi confirmed that the songstress was her makoti.

“They got married in February this year at Home Affairs. We are planning to do two legs of traditional weddings for them, the first one in Soweto and the other in Thokoza at my in-laws,” she said.

Nkosi also said Mshoza and Dlamini dated for about a year before they got spliced.However, the union with Prince Dlamini is believed to have lasted only five months.