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Two learners caught being intimate in class


Since morning a video of two students having been going viral as they were caught in a very compromising position, the two higjt school learners were caught in cera having the time of their lives in class.

The viral video of the two high school learners come only a day after a video of a female warden and prisoner were also caught in the same position, more details about these school children have not been revealed yet however all we know is that its a school somewhere in South Africa. More further investigations are being taken by the school board and basic education members.

This two students will sure get a harsh paniseny after all the investigations are over and they could also be acjng a longtime suspension. It seems the bonking videos have become the latest trend how such humiliating videos be leaked in just a week.

On the video it shows the students in a classroom fondling each and doing the unthinkable, the worst part is that these learners are in the school premises and they are so wearing a school uniform. The video has left many people in disbelief, many people voiced their concerns regarding this video as they say they don’t feel comfortable in sending their children to school seeing what happens in these school premises. However they demand harsh panishment for this two students.